Hi! I'm Ansh Jain, a CS and Math student at UT.

About Me

I am a Turing Scholar Computer Science student, Mathematics major, and Economics minor at the University of Texas at Austin. I am proficient in Amazon Web Services, Java, JavaScript, AngularJS, Material, Bootstrap, and more. I want to get experience in computer science as well as explore web development, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.


I've worked on a variety of projects since I started developing, including a large number of web and mobile applications. While I want to learn more in these areas, I also want to apply my skills to other areas that interest me, including operating systems and machine learning. Click on any image to learn more about what I've been up to!

Summer long hackathon for students to build something useful during their quarantine: helping people impacted by the infamous COVID-19.

Made for TAMU Datathon 2019- data science analysis of vegetarian taco/burrito options in the US.

Web Application to keep track of online student progress and display dashboards.

Year-long research course into web development with software architect from nThrive.

Created for CodeDay, a 24-hour coding marathon for middle and high school students.

Contributed to the new Freetail Hackers website, build w/ NodeJS and Sass

Fun Discord bot built with NodeJS and hosted on AWS EC2, built w/ DiscordJS and Amazon Polly.

HackTX 2019- Twitter Bot to keep track of TeamTrees progress and run a regression model.

React Native app for student photo tagging. TamuHack 2019- Best Google Cloud App.

New Tab chrome extension which gives space-themed backgrounds via NASA APIs.

Virtual note-taking app that pulls up keywords from your video lecture as you go. Submitted to HackMIT 2020.

Game built for UT's Dell Medical Center: teaches medical students about cancer treatments. Built w/ Flask.

Quarantine Project- Website to show my findings regarding the spread of COVID-19 and my best guess as to how people can help mitigate its impact

Game created for HackMIT- objective is to teach young students how to read code interactively.

Website I created to tell the story of the Aeneid, written by Virgil in 18 BCE.



ML for Trading Specialization by NY Institute of Finance

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Machine Learning by Stanford University

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Java Developer

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

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Google Analytics Advanced Course

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